Rippers Match Report – Week 8

Not the best start to the season but as a self confessed geek, I decided to take a look at some of the stats we keep and noticed that a lot of the runs scored against us were by guests, especially the home runs and the grand slams – in some cases, this has really put the opposition at an advantage and won them the game. I checked for our sister team (The Vipers) and noticed there was a pattern in div 4 too with players guesting down smashing home runs and grand slams against them every single week. Continue reading “Rippers Match Report – Week 8”

Rippers Match Report – Week 3

What can we say about the Bats? Not very much really as we don’t know them very well having never played them before so we focused on analysing what we did know about the team. Ross Birch once gave us some pitching coaching when we were a newly formed team (he was playing Div 1 at the time) and we also know Shawn Koala and Di Charlton (or as their celebrity couple name – Shart) so we focused on them. Our plan to sabotage their game worked to an extent as we told Shawn that if he fluffed his hits then Di would call the wedding off so pretty much he hit nothing for most of the game but little did we know that he actually wants to get married (fool) and therefore he banjoed one in the 6th to cement his foolish love for his betrothed. Di was really going for the kill with her swings and grunting heavily which made our own Eddie quite faint and flustered and he had to sit down with a damp flannel. Continue reading “Rippers Match Report – Week 3”