About Urmston Rippers

Baseball Softball UKUrmston Rippers was established in 2015 after some training sessions were set up in the local community by Luis Arrevillagas and Linni Mitchell from Baseball Softball UK to encourage more people into the sport.

Initially the sessions were low on numbers with only a handful of people at the start but then word of mouth (as well as marketing by Luis and Linni) led to the numbers to swell enough to start having a few practice games on the fields at Flixton Girls School.

From these sessions, we then decided that the few of us who had played previously actually liked this eclectic bunch of misfits and didn’t want to return to our respective teams and therefore the Rippers were born; although it took 3 months of debate to decide on the name which was eventually confirmed with a rigged vote (we were nearly called the ‘Bombardiers’ – shudder).

Since the forming of the club, we played two indoor seasons of the Manchester Softball League (entering two teams into each – finishing 4th and 5th in the Autumn league and 5th in the Spring league) and have entered the Manchester Softball League for the first time in 2016.

There are currently 31 active members of Urmston Rippers Softball Club and we also have a children’s division (The Rippers Nippers) who participate in local friendlies (unbeaten so far in their one game).

We are still rapidly expanding and hope to be having two adult teams and a youth team in 2017. There are also rumours of a local Urmston league which we are looking into.

Big thanks to Luis and Linni from Baseball and Softball UK for help with training, equipment, rules, introduction to other teams etc – we couldn’t have done it without you!


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