A New Home for The Rippers?

A few years back we were just a group of friends throwing a ball about in a public park, now we are a club of 30 people over two teams in two different divisions. So whilst we have professional bats, gloves etc, we have never really had decent training facilities (until now).

We are in talks with a local tennis club to agree on Club Ripper becoming affiliated with them which will mean use of a proper field (well maintained and cut regularly) for training and tournaments (lagerball). The field is big enough for two diamonds meaning as well as training, we could host some friendlies as well to give everyone as much experience as possible.

The affiliation will also offer the use of changing rooms,toilets, a bar, function room, boardroom and possibly also give us access to tennis courts etc.

At the moment we have not confirmed the arrangement as it may be that we have to pay a fee for the facilities but we will keep you posted.

So to summarise, there is a bar and the beer is cheap – we may have a new home.

Rippers 2017 Softball Season

The 2017 Outdoor softball season is upon us almost and what better way to celebrate by entering two teams into the league this year. Club Rippers is now made up of the original Urmston Rippers and the newly formed Urmston Vipers.

The addition of a second team shows the hard work and dedication to the club to become one of the fastest growing softball teams in Manchester. As well as playing competitively in Division 4 last year, the Urmston Rippers managed to secure a place in the top 4 which through league changes ensured them a promotion to the third division. The Vipers entering a new team will be entering in the newly formed fifth Division of the Manchester Softball league.

Dave Warren has been elected Captain of the Vipers to continue to turn his Rippers vice captaincy into a winning captain of the Vipers. Good luck Rippers and Vipers.