Rippers Match Report – Week 1

Well it wasn’t the greatest start to our 3rd division campaign but there were some saving graces.

As the home team we fielded first and from the start the pitching was not good. A strong head wind made the default high ball pitch null and void hitting the plate every single time so Drizzle scored 6 runs in the first before we got the outs.

Rippers first inning of batting in the third division saw 5 runs scored with 6 at bats moving from a walk, clearly the wind was affecting the Drizzle pitcher too.

Next innings was a little better with Drizzle scoring only one but we failed to take advantage and took two strikeouts and a groundball to first which got the third out.

The third innings we were feeling as hopeful as a Jeremy Corbyn leadership – ie should be sound but came to nothing and Drizzle scored a mighty 11. We tried to combat it and even with Duffys home run, we only managed 3 runs leaving Drizzle walloping us 18-8.

It wasn’t over though and with a mercy rule in sight, we stepped up. We fielded well in the fourth but some walks and grand slams from Drizzle left us trailing 30-12 at the top of the 4th.

We needed 3 runs to avoid the mercy and they came with some cheeky running and a few big hits leaving us at the bottom of the fourth 30-13. We were hanging in like a Diane Abbot tribute band.

the 5th saw the mercy dawn upon us. Although we had warmed up and found a second wind, we could not stop the enslaught of Drizzle (which wasn’t really an enslaught – it was our poor pitching and a guest hitter slamming grand slams for fun (a future article again maybe?))

Bottom of the fifth saw it left 37-18 and the mercy rule applied. Some lessons learned maybe (get a DH from a higher division!?) but we will fight another day. Bring it on Rippers!!!

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