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Week 4 – Rippers @ Drizzle

Rippers started the game against Drizzle with some trepidation knowing that they had tied with Tigers previously.

Batting first, it was a great start in the first innings scoring a quick 5 runs in succession before being called for an infield fly out. Drizzle replied with 2 of their own in the first innings leaving the score 5-2 at the top of the second.

3 very quick catches from Drizzle saw us go out quickly in the second innings but the Rippers still managed to bring 3 home with a home run from Ed Woodcock and this went unchallenged from Drizzle.

In the third – Bruce scored a triple (reminder: STOP watching the ball and listen to the base coaches) but should have been a homer. A few more good swings from the other batters and we finished the third innings 12-2.

Some nice hitting (and a few walks) in the fourth saw us take another 5 runs and Drizzle managed to score another 2 with the score becoming a mighty 17-4 for the Rippers.

With another 6 scored in the fifth, the Rippers pretty much had it in the bag and a few strikeouts and an easy catch for the pitcher saw this go unanswered from Drizzle. The blue then called in the mercy rule leaving the game finished at 23-4 to the Rippers.

Was a tremendous victory and left all Rippers very proud. Great work people – we are top of the league!

MVPS go to Ed and Izzy

1 2 3 4 5 R
RPP 5 3 4 5 6 23
DRZ 2 0 0 2 X 4