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Week 3 – Rippers @ Falcons

With a little bit of a shaky first innings, Urmston Rippers struggled with batting and hit some ground balls for a few easy outs and then a strike out with some nice pitching from Epol.

Falcons then scored three runs in quick succession before some solid Rippers fielding took three outs in quick succession.

It soon came back together though and with the Rippers behind 3-0 at the bottom of the first, we knew there was work to be done and the batting needed to get better. With a couple of walks handed to us in the second (good eyes Rippers), and runs from Ed, Dave, Jay, Duffy, Becky and Scott – we finished with 6 runs and again some solid fielding saw the Falcons fail to reply.

Unfortunately the line drives were just not happening for us in the third innings and a few ground balls to Lee (Falcons shortstop) and a popup from Dave Warren right to Epol (pitcher) saw us score nothing in the third.

Again a solid display of fielding quickly managed to take three outs from the falcons but not before they scored a home run (thankfully no-one was on base at the time so not much damage was done).

So going into the fourth innings Rippers were ahead 6-4 but with it being closer than we would have liked, we needed to up our game (or someone was getting fired in the morning). With quite a few balls again, we managed to take three more runs to no reply from the Falcons and then in the fifth, we extended it again to another 7 with no reply from the falcons meaning after 5 lengthy innings, the score was 16-4 to the Rippers.

We started the sixth innings and immediately scored two from the first two batters up and with the Falcons needing 15 to win, the blue decided the light was going and called the game.

It was a great game to win as apart from us, the Falcons are the newest team in the league and obviously there will always be a rivalry there (albeit a friendly one as I used to play with Lee for the Bears).

Great game, enjoyed by all.

1 2 3 4 5 R
Rippers 0 6 0 3 7 16
Falcons 3 0 1 0 0 4

MVPs go to Becky Baird and Scott Barton