Vipers Match Report – Week 1

We love the meteors, they’re great and we were glad that we could face them at the start of the season as we have trained with them a few times, we have drank with them and we have even named their bats for them. Lovely lovely Meteors.

Although we had trained as a collective a few times this was the first meeting between the Meteors and us. We had high hopes of a win but was unsure of what was in store. Dave Warren was the giddiest person alive in the in up to the opening game of the season and his head exploded at least 6 times on the Tuesday.

As away team we (Vipers) were up to bat first but like a large unsinkable ship – disaster struck, 2 up, 2 down. Then a couple of walks and Scott Barton’s home run got us back on track. A few hits and walks later and we were up to 8 before a great catch from Vanessa Nolan’s brilliant line drive ended the innings. Meteors replied with a single run courtesy of a massive home run by Dave Olsen and his wonderful bat originally named ‘Gary Philips’ (gotta love Gary).

Innings 2: Nothing out of the ordinary on this innings, on the grand scheme of things it was as exciting as a grey pair of cordurouys. a few hits a couple of walks and 6 runs scored. Some great fielding by Vipers resulted in a Meteor shut out, score at the end of innings 14-1

Innings 3 started with a massive home run from Dave ‘Dr. Bunsen Honeydew’ Warren which literally made one of his arteries catch fire. Then some good hits and running ended the innings with 9 runs scored. Brilliant fielding again 3 up, 3 down. 23-1 up at the end of the 3rd and Dave was running round and round shouting ‘YIP YIP YIP’ like an excited miniature dog.

The fourth innings we were 2 out with bases loaded, up steps Anthony ‘urinal’ Henderson and BOOM Grand Slam home run! Bringing in all 4 of our runs in the 4th. Some more great fielding and it was game over. Final score 27-1 a great start to the season, let’s hope we can keep it up against next weeks team – the red mockingbirds or some thing like that…



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