Vipers Match Report – Week 2

Our second game was against the newly formed Blue Jays and their wealth of experience showed.

They were very short handed and needed the use of 2 guests and a rookie to field 9. Vipers were always playing catch up in this high scoring game. We only managed to score more than the Jays in a single innings, and failed to score in the 5th, 6th and 7th innings.
Without any doubt the highlight of this game was the first ever homerun by Stewart MVPilling. One of the sweetest hits straight down the 3B line, no one was getting that ball! All the Vipers lined up to congratulate Stewart, even Jays pitcher Simon Ronksley came over to “high five” him.
Even though we lost 21-13 the Vipers spirit shone through, there were no sad faces on any of our team. Stewart will probably never stop smiling.

Smiley Smiley Stewart


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