Vipers Match Report – Week 4

Week 4 was upon us and we were to face the Titans.
As Rippers some of us had helped the Titans when they first formed.

We played them in their first “real game”, even if it was a friendly. They often come and train with us. Apart from playing the Rippers this is as close as it gets to a Derby game. Before the game got underway we all stopped to pay our respects to the fallen of Manchester with an impeccable minutes silence.

Then it was to business, first up to bat Titans. A shut out! Great start Vipers. Then we picked up our bats and off we went. 1 run scored only, not the best of starts. For the next innings pretty much every Viper forgot how to field, dropped catches, wild throws, pathetic pitching, it was like watching Laurel & Hardy. Did you ever see the episode of the Chuckle Brothers when they had the secret lemonade factory and they kept making mistakes, falling off ladders and swinging planks around smacking each other over the head – it was like that BUT WITH LESS LEMONADE.
The result was 11 Titan runs. Now we had to step it up! We replied with a much needed 4. 5-11. Third inning was as uneventful as an evening in Stretford and it ended 6-13. The fourth we kept the Titans down to a single whilst scoring 4. By the top of the 7th we were trailing 10-17. We needed to keep their score low and then put a brilliant performance in ourselves. Titans however had a different plan and brought home 7. Trailing by 14 we needed to play out of our skins. Duffy got on base then Up stepped Ellie Sams for our only Home Run of the night. Dave up next for a double then Sarah walked, Chris then brought Dave home. Mandy got on base, it looked set for us to do it. But the Titans were just too strong. 3 quick outs and ballgame was called with a final score of 13-24.
Also we would like to NOT play against Martine next week – she has guested for 3 of our 4 opponent now, she is the travelling brass of the league!

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